September 8, 2019
The world is experiencing the drastic effects of global warming. This is gradually eroding the livelihoods and productive capacities of many populations across the world, as well as, causing some deaths in some instances. Many seek to probe for more details into these menaces but often at times, the blame barometer simply swings in the...
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The diverse cultures of Africa is one worth exploring to understand the people’s way of life beyond the Western media portrayals. This opens one to the uniqueness of the different cultures and their utility for future development. Cultural immersion through inter-regional trade is the future of Africa’s growth and development. Thus, I have been intrigued...
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The feeling of ecstasy is often felt in the moment of great happiness, but its greatest realization lies in the completion of a mind-boggling struggle, that is what the adventure in the mid-wild Krobo Mountain serves nature lovers. Located in the calm preserve of the Eastern Region of Ghana, several kilometres from the ever-green town...
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