What If Nature Could Speak?

The world is experiencing the drastic effects of global warming. This is gradually eroding the livelihoods and productive capacities of many populations across the world, as well as, causing some deaths in some instances. Many seek to probe for more details into these menaces but often at times, the blame barometer simply swings in the direction of man. We are the cause of the depletion of the ozone layer, an issue which has become a subject of bountiful theatrics and argument among organisations and groups.


Just as we will call on waste management agencies from time to time to dispose of our domestic waste, non-living things are cursed with this incredible trait. I sometimes ponder, what if nature could speak? Which language in a form of warning would it have given its ‘master’, (mankind)?

The rate at which we are dumping plastics, tyres and other forms of solid waste in the forest is disheartening. The threat our actions are posing to wildlife and the lives of other plants is preposterous, to say the least. This according to experts, poses a lot of threat to the habit of species, especially the endangered ones like orangutans and tigers. These are the ones we know of as at now, but have we thought of the ones we have no knowledge of but are suffering the most?

We may be worried about air pollution, or perhaps the changes in weather patterns as a result of how haphazardly they occur, and the drastic decrease in temperatures wreaking havoc on us. We are expecting rains for several reasons this season, but the important question is, how will we live to see the storms and experience temperatures if the trees and vegetations die? Let us all make a commitment to protect the environment in our small spaces, and together we shall enjoy our environment the way we have always envisioned for its medicinal and food supply, breath-taking adventures and the continuous regeneration of the ecosystem.


At Touch Effects, we believe that change is a gradual process but hiking, adventure expeditions and explorations should be an everyday lifestyle activity.

Kindly Adhere to our precautionary measures when you find yourself hiking on a mountain climbing adventure or any other form of exploration where there are no WASTE MANAGEMENT services to clean up your mess.

Specifically adhere to the following:

  1.     Drop any form of plastic waste in your bags and dispose them off properly in a nearby bin.
  2.   Avoid dropping glass bottles, plastics and any other form of non-decayable substance in the forest.
  3.   Remember, to clean up the environment, especially when it is an outdoor camp to ensure the safety of plants and animals.


It takes a collective responsibility to create a cleaner environment devoid of plastics and any other form of waste for a joyous, smoother, foul-smell free and exciting experience in nature.


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