Focus on Trey LA

Could his ability to rap effortlessly be because he is gifted?  Or is he just a product of his environment or did he subject himself to the “10000 hour” rule to develop his gifts?

Our featured talent for the month focuses on Dumenu Charles Selorm, also known in the entertainment circle as Trey LA (an acronym for Timeless Renowned Entertainer You Love Always).
He is a genius and an enigma to fully uncover. He stands out with his deep content, distinct voice style, versatility and dexterity. With his warm personality that complements his good looks, he is endearing even outside the entertainment circle.

The young level headed lad whose passion began1998, however, had a taste of his first glory in 2009 with his single “come over” which enjoyed so much rotation on radio, followed by One Man Army which was produced by the sensational Ghanaian rapper EL in 2011.He battled his way to the finals of the “Next Big Thing In GH Hip Hop”, which for the first time unearthed the crème de la crème and one of the finest rappers in Ghana. He signed a recording deal with international producer Coptic who has produced the likes of P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. and a lot more. His signing up followed by an Introduction Mixtape and singles like Stepping Out, Queens, Ayo Ayo ft Kwaw Kese. His debut album was being finalized before both teams decided to part ways.

Trey LA went on to graduate with an MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, making him the first Ghanaian rapper to achieve these feet. Unrelenting in his efforts and still keeping that music dream alive, he has engineered and released The Passive Religionists, a collection of his singles recorded over time under ‘In & Out Entertainment’, a record label he started. Singles like ‘’Cathedrals and Shrines”, ‘Real Love’ can be found on this EP.

During our interview with him, he disclosed that, he has been working hard on his voice with some of the top-notch voice trainers in Ghana and working towards his debut album.

Trey LA, is a multi-lingual rapper, who sings, writes, does poetry and plays the castanet. He also said outside music he is a businessman, a civil servant and has been running companies of good standing as a professional Manager.

He can be followed on his social media pages below
@TreyLAGH(Twitter) Trey LA (Facebook) treylagh(Instagram).




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