Bound For Adaklu- Chasing That Feeling

The ‘Can Do’ SpiritAnticipation is the happiest part of a journey the moment we make up our minds, the same way we make sure it comes to pass. Inspired by its tales amidst our mix feelings, the 3 days 2 nights trip ended with no regrets. Our journey started on Friday night after work around 20:30 GMT with a two and half hour road journey from Accra to Ho where we had our accommodation booked. As we arrived at midnight, we were met with a bowl of “Eworkple and Aborbi tadzi” (a local corn meal with pepper and fish) which was pre-ordered and awaiting our consumption. This is one of the best delicacies by the people of the Volta region which is easy to cook and easily digestible. After the meal, we then checked into our various rooms, but still in anticipation for the morning hike of Adaklu mountain.

It was already morning and we were all geared up (jack up as we mostly call it) and ready for our hike after breakfast. We drove for about 25 minutes to Adaklu Helekpe, a small town at the foot of the Adaklu mountain where our adventure was going to start. We pulled out at a church compound in the town, met our onsite guides, and we were ready to conquer Adaklu Mountain.
It was 45 minutes of walk through the farmlands and gentle slopes until we reach the foot of the mountain where the real climbing experience was going to be felt. At the foot of the Mountain is the small town of Kordiabe where we first met the elders of the town to exchange greetings and inform them of our visit (It is customary in Ghana to formally call on the elders of a village or town you are visiting for a major event).

The second highest in the Ghana, situated 12 Km from Ho in the Volta Regional capital, standing 600m above sea level and known as one of the lonely standing Mountains was the Adaklu Mountain, steering right in our faces and ready to be conquered by us!

We started off our climb with gentle slopes rising above us quickly on narrow farm paths.
Energy levels dropped few meters into our climb, amidst mix feelings of whether they can continue the hike or not but yes, our aim was to conquer not to drop out, so we took some rest, got some energy back and then we were ready once again to continue our hike.

Through its narrow, slippery and sometimes muddy (mostly in the raining season) paths, hanging onto ropes at some points and very steep sides that makes climbing and hiking Adaklu Mountain very interesting, adventurous and beautiful, we were able to conquer it.

YES!!! The beauty was the experience and performance and we will forever want to do it again and again.


The ‘Can Do’ Spirit

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