The Adrenaline chase on Krobo Mountain

The feeling of ecstasy is often felt in the moment of great happiness, but its greatest realization lies in the completion of a mind-boggling struggle, that is what the adventure in the mid-wild Krobo Mountain serves nature lovers.

Located in the calm preserve of the Eastern Region of Ghana, several kilometres from the ever-green town of Akosombo, and Hundred kilometres from the Capital of Accra. The Ancestral area of the tribe of Krobo is home to one of the greatest adventure trails in the country.

The journey to Krobo Mountain is always filled with mixed reactions and nostalgic moment due to its unique struggles that accompanies this adventure.

We pride it as a starting ground for our mixed outdoor mountainous adventure due to its beauty and spectacular view.

We set out on the journey with high hopes and passion with our signature slogan ‘The purpose of the journey’ spurring us both psychologically and physically.

The hour drive was packed with a lot of interactive moments with participants sharing their various viewpoints on a wide variety of topics which will mesmerize and tickle your stand on various phenomena.

The talk and opinions were short-lived as we approached the Krobo Mountain, and nature gave us the ultimate surprise of life with its unimaginable steep ascent that can be complicated through high and dense vegetation.

After a brief interaction with the Captain of the wild, our drones were set in motion and was already hovering in the air spiralling at every angle of the mountain and with the team fully geared to teeth, we started the hike.

Through the thick greener vegetation and rocky grounds, we held our strength with the hope of finding our purpose and reaching for the trinity and symbol of joy at the top confirming your warrior status.

The sun gave us the treat of the afternoon with several bottles of water been consumed, anxiety started setting in. This experience was a true reflection of the plethora of challenges we go through on the daily and how we strategically position ourselves to conquer through taking the needed break when necessary, as well as gathering the momentum to catch up with the leader.

We deeply take the concerns of our patrons to heart and take the needed rest as and when necessary to ease the stress and tension that comes of the hike.

The joy resides on the top! So, is our purpose! Journey with us as we embark on the search for the next escape.



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