Unraveling The Mystery Of Skiing

Ghana Mountaineers on Saturday, December 1, 2018 premiered the breath-taking Warren Miller’s classic “The Face of Winter’’ in Accra, Ghana. The movie which was in partnership with Volkswagen took place at the CrossFit Centre Accra, Ghana. This public viewing thrilled lovers of adventure and expedition to a delightful two hours of skiing history with lots of positives to take away from the movie.

Winter sports are fast taking the world by storm with skiing as one of the frontrunners. The film exposed the audience to some quality techniques every skiing personality should adopt as a part of the nuggets of the game while reflecting on the dangers some skiing legends in the past were exposed to and how they were able to overcome these challenges in their bid to make the sport attractive.

As an adventure junkie, I was quite marvelled by the sacrifices some patrons of this beautiful sport made in order to ink their names into the books of the all-time greatest. It will appeal to more lovers of Mountains and Alps as this game generally takes place within these splendid geographical locations.

“Life with risk is life re-imagined”, these are words of the phenomenal Warren Miller. The sport of Skiing is not biased to any gender, race or whatsoever. Looking for a precursor to reincarnate your skiing passion, I believe this movie will provide the right antidote to your adrenaline rush. If you are ever in doubt, just be on the lookout for the premier in 2019 by Ghana Mountaineers, one of the premier adventure companies in Ghana.


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